Vietnam: Da Nang returnees take rapid COVID test in Hanoi to help curb outbreak

31 июля 2020 г. 21:05

Vietnamese authorities set up quick COVID-19 testing centres in Hanoi for thousands of people returning from Da Nang, as seen on Friday, after an outbreak linked to the resort city reportedly spreads to other parts of the country. Hanoi is on high alert after the first community spreads were confirmed in Vietnam since April. In less than a week, 47 people linked to Da Nang have tested positive so far, flagging the start of an untraceable wave of infections after three months with no new cases. «I was worried that I could have carried the virus and spread it to the community so I immediately reported to the local health authority upon my return from Da Nang. And they called me for the test today. Although the test result is negative, I will continue to stay at home until the end of my quarantine period,» said a local resident. The blood test seen in the footage gives results after 10 minutes, but further swab tests are required if a person tests positive for COVID-19. More than 2,000 people returning from Da Nang have been tested in Hanoi so far, according to local reports. Da Nang went on full lockdown earlier this week and over 80,000 tourists were evacuated from the popular summer resort city. 20,000 of those tourists who had returned to the capital should get tested, the government said. Since the pandemic begun, Vietnam has recorded 546 positive cases and one death related to coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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