Venezuela: Maduro accuses US of plotting 'attacks'

14 января 2020 г. 1:26

Venezuelan President Maduro accused Washington, Miami and the Columbian government of planning «attacks» against Venezuela during a speech in Caracas on Tuesday. Maduro presented the 2019 account report at the Federal Legislative Palace gardens, where he vowed those «who attempt against the Republic will receive the punishment established by our constitution and will face the rifles of our Bolivarian National Armed Forces,» saying some were attempting to destabilise Venezuela. «That 'intelligence and counterintelligence centre' that has been discovered now recording and persecuting journalists, magistrates and politicians; is the one in charge of the conspiracy against Venezuela and directs the mercenary camps in Cali, in the North of Santander and throughout and width of the Colombian army to prepare mercenaries who come to attack our peaceful Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,» he added. Maduro can be seen arriving with his wife Cilia Flores before taking a stand.

Ruptly TV