USA: Young boy overcomes inflammatory illness linked to COVID-19 *STILLS*

14 мая 2020 г. 0:54

Nine-year-old Bobby Dean was seen recovering in hospital in Rochester last week after contracting COVID-19 and a mystery inflammatory illness thought to be linked to the novel coronavirus. Bobby returned home on Sunday night with a batch of medicine to aid a full recovery ahead of follow-up appointments with healthcare providers. Speaking to Ruptly from the New York town of Hornell on Wednesday his mother Amber recounted her son's ordeal in hospital after the illnesses advanced to a worrying stage. «I think it was just really hard for him to understand what was going on and he heard the doctor saying that with the way his dehydration and everything was, they were only giving him another 24 to 48 hours before we would have lost him if we didn't get medical help,» she said. She recalled the point at which his symptoms first began to show cause for real concern. After Bobby was unable to keep his food down and saw his temperature spike to 102 degrees Faranheit (39 celsius) his parents decided to take him to the doctor's. After running a CT scan to check for appendicitis doctors then did a COVID-19 test with a 24-hour wait period. Meanwhile back at home the boy's temperature shot back up to 39 celsius and he began to experience severe stomach pains. His father took him to hospital in Rochester where medical staff conducted a rapid COVID-19 test that came back positive. It was only then that doctors identified an inflammatory paediatric syndrome in the child that medical experts believe is linked to COVID-19. Listing a range of symptoms that afflicted her son including red eyes, chapped lips and a rash on his foot, Amber said their presence led doctors to diagnose the condition. «They said all that contributed to them, coming to the conclusion that it was this syndrome,» she said. The mystery illness was referenced by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a news conference on Tuesday. He said that nearly 100 children were being treated for an inflammatory disease that «seems to be created by the COVID virus.» Three other children passed away from the condition in the state. For Ruptly's interview with the boy's mother, click on the following link : Mandatory credit: Amber Dean

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