USA: 'White Lives Matter' rally meets counter protest in Tennessee .backup

29 октября 2017 г. 6:13

A ‘White Lives Matter’ rally, organised by the ultra-right wing group League of the South, was held in the Tennessee town of Shelbyville on Saturday, with a second protest being carried out at nearby Murfreesboro. Protesters from other far-right and neo-Nazi groups joined the rally, waving flags of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) of the USA and the Blood Drop Cross of the Klu Klux Klan. Protesters shouted neo-Nazi chants such as “blood and soil” as well as “whose streets? Our streets” in mimicry of the Black Lives Matter protest movement. Counter-protesters rallied opposite the demonstration, playing the 1987 Mexican chart hit La Bamba in a bid to drown out the neo-Nazis’ chants. Police were on site, making sure both sets of protesters were kept at a safe distance. The League of the South is a designated White Supremacist group, which calls for the American south to secede.

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