USA: 'We need big help' — Arizona bar owner on reversing reopening

2 июля 2020 г. 2:44

Bars, theatres and gyms were ordered to close again for at least 30 days in Arizona on Monday, following a decision by the State Governor Doug Ducey due to the rising numbers of COVID-19 cases. Bars and gyms were seen deserted in Phoenix on Tuesday, with local staff sharing their views on the move. «There isn't a day that goes by that I don't missing slinging cocktails and seeing familiar faces but you know, we've made the decision that our staff and our community is more important than our profits,» said a bartender, who explained the decision was the socially responsible thing to do. Others were more skeptical and believed the closures wouldn't be effective as long as restaurants and golf courses remained open. «The main things that are going to be affected by this are really just gyms, which, people who are going to the gyms are really relatively healthy,» said a gym owner. According to the website of the Arizona Department of Health Service, the state has registered 84,092 coronavirus cases so far, with 1,720 deaths related to the virus. At least 4,878 new cases were reported on Wednesday alone.

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