USA: Trump says farewell to 'NAFTA nightmare' and signs USMCA trade deal into law

29 января 2020 г. 22:13

US President Donald Trump praised his administration for «finally ending the NAFTA nightmare» while speaking at a signing ceremony for the USMCA Trade Deal at the White House on Wednesday. Trump hailed the deal as «a colossal victory for our farmers, ranchers, energy workers, factory workers and American workers in all 50 states.» Trump also commented on the amount of cross-border economic activity between the three countries, and added «where, by the way, a very major powerful wall is right now being built, ok, I don't know if I should say that at this particular reading, I know last night it got a very big hand, right now they're like 'are we supposed to clap now?'» Trump said that his administration had «replaced a disastrous trade deal that rewarded outsourcing» and characterised the replacement as «a partnership with Mexico and Canada and ourselves against the world.» «This is something we really put our heart into. It's probably the number one reason that I decided to lead this crazy life that I'm leading right now as opposed to that beautiful, simple life of luxury that I lived before this happened,» Trump concluded before signing the deal into law.

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