USA: ‘The Americans want Assange’s head on a platter’ — former CIA analyst

11 января 2018 г. 13:33

Former Central Intelligence Agency analyst John Kiriakou described whistle-blower and WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange's current predicament as a 'travesty' in a video interview from Arlington on Wednesday. «I think the Americans told the British under no terms should Julian leave the embassy on his own free will,» explained Kiriakou, a whistle-blower himself having been convicted for feeding classified information regarding the CIA's alleged waterboarding programme to a journalist in 2013. Kiriakou went on to say that the British are «quietly and secretly» working with the Americans to make sure «Julian is arrested and send to the United States for trial.» «I think is a travesty,» added Kiriakou. Reportedly Assange has been granted an ID card, and potentially citizenship, by Ecuador in recent days after five years of effective imprisonment. Addressing the issue of US President Donald Trump's policy against whistle-blowers, Kiriakou mentioned that «under Donald Trump we've already seen the arrest of Reality Winner,» before adding, «even Barack Obama didn't ask that any of us be held without bail, so I think that this is really a continuation of a very dangerous and a wrong-headed policy to target whistle-blowers.» «Julian is one of the biggest international whistle-blowers and I think that they want his head on a platter,» he concluded.

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