USA: San Fran health workers rally in support of BLM, denounce racism as public health issue

14 июня 2020 г. 14:36

Nurses and other health workers, along with other attendees, demonstrated outside the Bakar Cancer Hospital at the University of California, San Francisco on Saturday, laying down in silence against systemic racism. Focusing on its public health effects, protesters called police brutality «one of the symptoms» of racism that manifests itself in numerous other ways. «By the time a black woman or man reaches 20 years old, they have already experienced higher levels of stress hormones, blood pressure and weight. Black patients are 22 percent less likely than white patients to receive pain medication. Black women are two to six times more likely to die in childbirth,» said one speaker. The University of California, San Francisco is home to the Center for Health Equity that contributes to research on the social determinants of health and inequality in health outcomes, and has endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement, according to its website. Many protests took place over the weekend throughout the United States, as demonstrations against racism and police brutality sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis have continued unabated during the last month.

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