USA: 'No easy fix' for the country if Trump refuses to concede — Buttigieg

18 февраля 2020 г. 9:14

Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg held a rally at Durango Hills Community Center in Las Vegas on Tuesday, in a last-ditch effort to woo voters in the state before Nevada caucuses. Buttigieg talked about income inequality as he stressed the need to raise wages for working-class people and support black businesses. He also addressed health, acknowledging that black people were less likely to access high-quality healthcare. Answering a question about a hypothetical refusal to concede this year's elections by US President Donald Trump, he warned: «If this president calls the legitimacy of the election into question because he lost, it's going to be a tough moment for this country. There is no easy fix.» Early voting kicked off in Nevada on Saturday, ahead of the state's caucus scheduled for February 22.

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