USA: Military base set up in Donna as over 5,000 troops pour in Texas

9 ноября 2018 г. 1:25

Footage filmed on Thursday shows US troops setting up an operating base in Donna, Texas, in an effort to beef up border protection and prevent Central American migrants from entering the US. According to the Pentagon, over 5,100 US troops are currently stationed across the southern US border with Mexico. «We're working hand in hand with CBP (US Customs and Border Protection) in order to determine the right amount of soldiers at the right places at the right time,» Sgt. Maj. Faith Laughter said, adding that the military is still in a «planning phase.» She explained that the troops are «doing some barrier emplacement» and that military police in in place providing «full protection» to soldiers. US troops were see setting up tents, transporting armoured military vehicles and gathering food and water provisions. President Donald Trump had announced that up to 15,000 US troops will be deployed to the border with Mexico to stop the 'migrant caravan' travelling on foot for months from entering the country.

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