USA: Miami's hospitality industry struggles amid COVID slump

15 июля 2020 г. 3:46

As Florida sees its COVID-19 cases surge and global tourism founders, the state's hotels are experiencing a substantial decrease in occupancy rates. The New Yorker Hotel, one of Miami's retro hotels in the popular MiMo district, has been one of the victims of the hospitality industry's recent downturn. With a 50 room capacity, the hotel has had virtually no bookings through platforms such as AirBnB, and serves less than ten people a day at its attached restaurant, its manager Johann Tremor told Ruptly on Tuesday. «Now, we have two residential guests, so people who lost their home and who doesn't have any place to go. So basically the city just sent them here at the hotel, and we're taking care of them. But besides that, no AirBnB, so no booking rooms whatsoever,» he explained. Along with the dearth of visitors, Tremor said it has been difficult to cope with the precautions and restrictions put in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. «I am frustrated because it's pretty tough to wear a mask all day. Especially inside a small trailer like that with the heat and the cooking equipment and everything,» he said, speaking about working in the cramped space of the hotel's restaurant kitchen. Hotels in Miami have reportedly been forced to lay off thousands of workers in the last month, in an industry that employs close to 1.3 million people and generates billions in revenue for the state of Florida. Florida reported more than 15,000 new cases of coronavirus last Sunday, setting a record for daily infections. Its 132 related deaths on Tuesday were also the highest for a single day thus far.

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