USA: Greek PM attends Epiphany celebrations in Tarpon Springs

6 января 2020 г. 2:37

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Archbishop Elpidophoros of America attended the 114th annual Epiphany celebration in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on Monday. Some 25,000 people reportedly attended the Epiphany celebration. It was Archbishop Elpidophoros' first Epiphany celebration since his appointment in June. As part of the Epiphany celebration, 57 young worshippers dove into Spring Bayou to retrieve the wooden cross, tossed by Archbishop Elpidophoros. Racing for the cross is a traditional Epiphany ceremony held on January 6 by the Orthodox community across the world. Aside from celebrating Epiphany, participants believe that catching the religious icon of the cross will bring health and strength in the New Year. One of the worshippers, who took a plunge into Spring Bayou, said «it's just a very special moment we all share together.» Mitsotakis is on a four-day visit to the US. He is set to meet with US President Donald Trump on Tuesday.

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