USA: Glass Fire rages near St Helena as thousands evacuate Napa County

28 сентября 2020 г. 4:36

A large cloud of smoke was seen billowing on the hills near the city of St Helena, California, on Sunday as the raging glass fire continued to roar through Napa County. An estimated 2,000 people have reportedly been evacuated from nearby areas. The latest wildfires named Glass and Zogg, burnt short of 10,000 acres (4047 hectares) in California on Sunday in Shasta County and Napa County most famously known as Wine County. Over 8,000 wildfires in California have burned more than 3.6 million acres (1.5 million hectares) of the state this year according to numbers issued by the local authorities, a record for the state which typically sees wildfires burning 300,000 acres (120,000 hectares) on an average year.

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