USA: Egyptian-Americans hold protest against Ethiopian dam filling

16 марта 2020 г. 5:47

Members of Egyptian-American community demonstrated outside the White House in Washington DC on Sunday against Ethiopia's plans to complete the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) project ahead of schedule. «There was an agreement that they were going to fill the dam over 7 years, this way it doesn't affect the countries that are north of that dam namely Sudan and Egypt but the Ethiopian government has decided that they want to fill the dam starting July without reaching an agreement,» said Adla Karim, a protester. «I think Egypt has always been considered as the heart of Africa and we respect very much the citizens of Ethiopia. We don't mind that they can have their own dam but they have to consider that, on the other hand, the Egyptians also have something to say. We respect all the media that came to attend this event and we're looking forward for peace for all the world,» said Ahmed Mahem, another protester. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam also known as GERD is a gravity dam project in Ethiopia near the Egyptian border. Under construction since April of 2011, the project was criticised for its environmental and social impacts. Ethiopia rejected Egypt’s warning about filling the dam before a deal is signed by all sides.

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