USA: Budget proposal would bring deficit 'close to zero' — Trump

10 февраля 2020 г. 4:28

US President Donald Trump said his new budget proposal would bring the deficit close to zero in «not that long a period of time,» speaking to the nation's governors during a business session at the White House in Washington DC, on Monday. Trump also announced during the session that his trade agenda will be focused on trade issues with Europe. «I think that the next thing could be Europe, where we talk to them very seriously. And they have to do it because, there's been a over the last 10 to 12 years, there's been a tremendous deficit with Europe. They have barriers that are incredible,» he said. «I didn't want to do them while we were doing China, Japan, South Korea. You know, I didn't want to do the whole world at one time.» During the session Trump took aim at US Senator Mitt Romney — the only Republican who voted to convict the President during the Senate impeachment trial — telling Utah's governor, Gary Herbert, «You keep him. We don't want him,» in reference to Romney. Trump was acquitted on both counts of impeachment — abuse of power and obstructing Congress — in a largely party-line vote on Wednesday. He was the third US president to face and survive a Senate trial. Commenting on the coronavirus outbreak Trump predicted the deadly virus would no longer pose a threat in April, once weather gets warmer.

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