USA: 21 people on Grand Princess cruise ship tested positive for coronavirus — Pence

7 марта 2020 г. 4:59

US Vice President, Mike Pence, said that 21 people were tested positive for coronavirus as thousands remain stranded on the Grand Princess cruise ship near California coast, in Washington DC, Friday. «Among those tested, 46 persons were swabbed, 21 of those on the ship tested positive for the coronavirus. 24 tested negative. One test was inconclusive,» said Pence, adding that among those 21 people «were 19 crew members and 2 passengers.» The US vice president added that a plan had been developed for the ship to dock at the non-commercial port with everyone on board to be tested. On Thursday, the California Air National Guard helped in delivering the testing kits to the ship, with its personnel descending on a ship from a helicopter. The 951-foot Grand Princess was on its way back to California from Hawaii with reportedly almost 3,500 people on board including crew members.

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