Uruguay: Voters hit polling stations for 2nd round of pres. elections

24 ноября 2019 г. 11:18

Voters in Montevideo were seen hitting the polling stations on Sunday for the second round of Uruguay's presidential election, in which the ruling Frente Amplio coalition's Daniel Martinez and conservative opposition candidate Luis Lacalle Pou face off. Footage shows polling station staff and voters casting their ballots. Luis Mendez, one of the voters, said that he hopes «the situation of the country gets a little better,» adding that «there are always improvements to be made.» «There is almost no comparison in the world. Here, in the sense of democracy, we live extremely well, it is wonderful,» shared voter Juan Galeno. Another voter, Alicia Podesta, expressed concern over the stability of South America, saying that it makes her «nervous.» In the first round of the presidential election on October 27, Lacalle Pou ranked second with 29 percent of the votes, while Martinez scored 39 percent. However this time around Pou is leading opinion polls after reaching crucial coalition agreements. The Frente Amplio coalition has been governing in Uruguay for more than 14 years but is now facing a major challenge from Pou's National Party.

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