Uruguay: Luis Lacalle Pou takes office as new president

2 марта 2020 г. 12:13

Luis Lacalle Pou took office as the new president of Uruguay in Montevideo on Sunday. Lacalle Pou took the oath of office, alongside Vice President Beatriz Argimon, at the Uruguayan parliament building before heading to the city's Independence Square with a guard of honour. Outgoing president Tabare Vazquez handed him the presidential sash before Lacalle Pou addressed the crowd in the square. «If at some point things do not go as Uruguayans need and want, do not look aside: the responsibility will be exclusively for the President of the Republic,» Lacalle Pou stated. Spain's King Philip VI, as well as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera were among the guests at the new president's inauguration. Lacalle Pou, a member of the conservative National Party, will govern as the head of a political coalition with four other parties, bringing to an end 15 years of rule by the left-wing Broad Front (FA).

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