UK: Sir Lindsay Hoyle replaces John Bercow as Commons Speaker

5 ноября 2019 г. 0:56

Sir Lindsay Hole was elected by his fellow MPs to become the next House of Commons speaker on Monday, replacing John Bercow who served in the role for more than a decade. Hoyle secured 325 votes to Chris Bryant's 213. A total of 540 votes were cast, with two spoiled. Seven candidates were originally in the running and were whittled down to the final over several rounds of voting. The process was overseen by Ken Clarke, who as Father of the House is the longest-serving MP in the Commons. The Speaker keeps order in debates and calls MPs to speak. Corbyn warned that Hoyle will need to have «eyes in the back of his head,» as Johnson thanked John Bercow for being the speaker for ten years. Hoyle promised to «be neutral» and «transparent,» in his new job, as he paid tribute to his daughter who died in 2017. NEWS USE ONLY. STRICTLY NOT TO BE USED IN ANY COMEDY/SATIRICAL PROGRAMMING OR FOR ADVERTISING PURPOSES. ONLINE USE PERMITTED BUT MUST CARRY CLIENT'S OWN LOGO OR WATERMARK ON VIDEO FOR ENTIRE TIME OF USE. NO ARCHIVE.

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