UK: Boris Johnson defends govt record on management of coronavirus

9 сентября 2020 г. 18:36

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to questions regarding Britain's new coronavirus measures amid rising numbers of new cases. Johnson was also quizzed on the Irish border question overshadowing Brexit during PMs questions at the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday. As of Monday September 14th, all social gatherings of more than six people will be made illegal. The decision was made after a steep rise in cases as dozens of schools reported cases on the first week of reopening this week. «Some people have not been following the guidelines in the way that they should, therefore we are seeing a rise in infections and that's why today we are taking decisive steps Mr. Speaker to intensify our social distancing measures. The rule of six will be familiar to the country in order that we can keep our economy going, we can keep our schools open and keep this virus under control,» explained Johnson. Johnson was barraged with questions from Labour party leader Sir Keir Starmer regarding reported problems with the UK's testing system, with reports of some people having to travel hundreds of miles for a test. «The issue at the moment is that there has been a massive increase in the number of people who need or want a test and particularly who don't have symptoms and we need, and I hope he agrees, we need to prioritise people such as NHS, front line staff, our care workers who urgently need those tests,» replied Johnson. As the conversation moved to Brexit, Boris Johnson was quizzed on whether the Brexit agreement will be able to avoid a border running down the Irish Sea. This has been one of the most difficult issues to resolve regarding Brexit and something he aimed to avoid at all costs. «My job is to uphold the integrity of the UK but also to protect the Northern Irish peace process and the Good Friday Agreement and to do that we need a legal safety net to protect our country against extreme or irrational interpretations of the protocol which could lead to a border down the Irish Sea,» answered Johnson.

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