UK: Anti-lockdown protesters stage ‘group hug’ at London demo

2 мая 2020 г. 21:08

Defying all governmental social distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, a group of anti-lockdown protesters staged a demonstration outside the London Metropolitan police headquarters where they carried out group hugs. Footage filmed on Saturday shows protesters hugging themselves in front of police officers deployed in the area, as well as a man being taken into custody for refusing to comply with the police request to disperse. Anti-lockdown demonstrators carrying signs decrying the government’s handling of the epidemic as well as detractors of use of 5G technology can also be spotted. “I think it’s really dangerous for us, and because of that our immune system goes down. We can not go for a walk like we used to before, also it means that our Vitamin D is not supplied. We can not meet our family, which also causes depression,” explained protester Anna. “We can not meet our family, which also causes depression. Generally, also financial things, I think government will not pay our rent forever. We have to go back to work, we have to be able to do what we did before. We can not be feared forever,” she added. The UK entered lockdown on March 23, and has registered 183,495 cases of COVID-19 as of Saturday according to data compiled by John Hopkins University.

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