UFO enthusiasts take brains to another dimension at Argentinian festival

23 февраля 2020 г. 16:18

Thousands of UFO enthusiasts gathered for the annual Festival Alienigena in the Argentinian town of Capilla del Monte on Sunday. After thematic conferences in the afternoon, visitors dressed up as aliens marched through the town. «We wanted to participate in the event because we like this whole environment. We like science-fiction movies. We believe in the existence of life on other planets. To people who do not believe, we would say that, having so many stars in the universe. it's impossible not to find another planet like the Earth that has intelligent life,» said Roberto Barata, a participant. «I am disguised as a goddess of the underworld and my mother too. We are from the same planet. I believe in UFOs, I believe in aliens and took photos so I believe it exists,» said Gladys Carballo, another attendee. Capilla del Monte became famous on January 9, 1986 after three local residents claimed they had seen a spaceship which left a mark on the grass in the area. Since then it became known as 'the UFO capital of South America' with the annual festival, tourist agencies specialising on UFO tours and book stores selling literature on aliens.

Ruptly TV