'This will become a trend' — Chennai studio introduces faceprint masks

27 мая 2020 г. 12:16

A photo studio in Chennai's Pallavaram locality found an innovative way or turning the face mask into an original and personalised product. Anto Amalraj, owner of STM studio, makes masks with a print or photograph of the person wearing it, from the nose down. «When we initially started we had some hesitation, thinking about how people will accept this. When some new innovation comes, people don't accept it immediately,» said Amalraj on Tuesday, even adding that customers felt «shy» wearing their faceprint masks at first. The studio owner said that the idea quickly became a hit and was shared with other studios. «Now everyone is trying and launching this idea so this will become a trend now,» he said. A customer, Mathi, had his portrait picture taken by a photographer at the studio, which was then used as a print on a face mask. He was quite happy about the result, which he said will help his friend recognising him. «This will become a new normal now,» he shared. The masks are made of cotton cloth and can be washed, allowing the person to wear it on multiple occasions.

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