Syria's MAGNETO shows off his 'magnetic' superpowers!

22 декабря 2017 г. 9:58

A Syrian boy named Zulfikar Ibrahim showed off his 'magnetic' skills by miraculously sticking cutlery, keys and other metallic objects onto his body in Latakia, Thursday. Ibrahim said that he was «astonished» when he found out about his unique ability, «Everything made of iron was sticking. I was astonished. They were sticking onto my belly. I searched on YouTube with my aunt ... and I got to know that there were other magnetic boys.» Ibrahim's grandfather said that he was «concerned» about the boy's alleged magnetism, «We were concerned about this phenomenon. Frankly speaking, I don't want it to affect him.» He went on to express hope that the subject of magnetism will be studied in Russia «since Russia is specialised in this subject» before adding that «we have no problem about that if this energy would benefit him or the society.» Ibrahim is not the only boy who received media attention as a human magnet. Croatian boy Ivan Stoiljkovic claimed that he was magnetic after he found out that silverware, cell phones and even pots stuck to his skin. Russian schoolboy Nikolai Kryaglyachenko claimed that an electric shock accident had granted him superpowers like those of the X-Men character Magneto.

Ruptly TV