Syria: Funeral for women's rights activist Zehra Berkel killed in drone strike held in Kobane

26 июня 2020 г. 0:48

Hundreds of mourners joined a funeral held in Kobane this Thursday for the three Kurdish women killed in a drone strike in the village of Helince near the Turkish border earlier this week. The deceased were honoured with posters and flags bearing the symbol of the «Kongra Star» movement, of which two of the victims were reportedly active members. Various Kurdish groups, including the Syrian Democratic Forces, claim that the three women — famous women's rights activist Zehra Berkel, Amina Waysi, and Hebun Mele Xelil — were targets of a deliberate attack by the Turkish military. Northern Syria has been under ceasefire agreements worked out by Turkey and Russia in March of this year. Turkey has not taken responsibility for the killings.​

Ruptly TV