Switzerland: Protesters march against WEF ahead of Davos gathering

18 января 2020 г. 3:10

Activists marched in protest against the upcoming Davos World Economic Forum in the Swiss city of Bern on Saturday. Carrying flares and smoke canisters, the protesters marched through the city streets with banners bearing slogans such as «No WEF» and «we are fighting together, forwards together.» Security forces were seen standing guard outside a branch of the 'UBS' bank. On social media, the protest organiser 'Anarchist Group Bern' said activists were rallying in support of protest movements in Chile, Paris and 'Rojava,' among other locations. The WEF gathering of global business and political leaders kicks off in the Swiss mountain town of Davos on January 21 and runs until January 24.

Ruptly TV