Sweden: Locals comment as polls show support drop for govt approach to COVID-19

24 июня 2020 г. 12:02

Locals in Stockholm commented on their government's relatively lax approach to the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, amid recent reports that the public support for the governments handling of the virus is falling. Unlike most of the European countries, Swedish authorities decided to not lock the country down and kept schools, restaurants and most businesses open. According to reports, recent polls show that criticism of the general public towards this approach has been growing due to the country's high death rate. «I think there must be some kind of personal responsibility to take. The government can't take that away from people. So I think people should handle it better than they have done,» Said Emma, a local resident. Another local, Murad, explained that he himself nearly died of the virus, adding that while the government's approach has been good for the economy, but that «from the people perspective, they could have done more. Better lockdown and better medical attention.» «People have the right to be mad at the government because they didn't handle it good at all and they could have at least got half of the death rate we have right now and more diagnosing of people who supposedly have corona,» Murad added. To date, Sweden has recorded 60,837 cases of coronavirus and at least 5,001 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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