State of Palestine: Israeli settlers react to Trump's 'deal of the century'

29 января 2020 г. 23:28

Residents of the West Bank settlement of Ariel reacted to US President Donald Trump's peace proposal for the Middle East on Tuesday. «It leaves some very serious open questions,» said one local. «It recognises a Palestinian state, something which has never existed in history. Why should we suddenly create something that's never existed before?» Another resident said the proposal was «bad» and a «balagan» or mess in Hebrew. «It's only one side that decide he do his things and they don't ask the other side what he thinks, what he wants.» «I am against a Palestinian state, I believe there will be no peace,» added another. «We want Israel to remain only for the Jews. And who wants to, can move to Jordan. There, there is a Palestinian state. End of story,» he continued. On Tuesday, Trump unveiled his fabled 'deal of the century', a set of proposals to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington DC. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the plan with «a thousand no's,» as being one-sided in favour of Israel.

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