South Korea: Seoul braces for war break out as tensions over N. Korea escalate

6 ноября 2017 г. 19:41

Seoul residents braced for a war breakout on the Korean peninsula as tensions continued to escalate over Pyongyang's nuclear programme, in the South Korean capital, Monday. Woo Seung-yep, who founded the online forum 'Survival 21' in 2010, on which some 20,000 'war preppers' discuss survival strategies, called on Seoul residents not to splash out money on expensive survival kits but to create their own. He said, «In Korea, you can find 300-dollar survival bags, but I think you can just take your old bag, put in something to eat and to drink as well as put something to keep your body warm — a jacket, an underwear, a towel, a hat and some self-defence equipment. These basic things can be bought at a supermarket or at a one-dollar shop in your neighbourhood. All in all, it wouldn't be more than 30 dollars. I want to let people know they don't need to spend too much money on that.» In Seoul alone, more than 3,000 facilities have reportedly been designated as shelters, including subway stations, basements and underground parking garages. There are some 19,000 of such shelters across the country. However, most shelters reportedly lack long-term supplies of food, water or medical kits, and are allegedly not suitable for nuclear protection. Some Seoul residents remained skeptical of the shelters, with one man questioning how underground shelters would protect from radioactive dust. Another man noted that akin to his fellow countrymen he was «unfazed» by the developments and that «Korean people seem to have lost sensitivity for this topic.»

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