Serbia: Serbian defence minister visits COVID field hospital amid infection spike

6 июля 2020 г. 22:18

Serbian defence minister Aleksandar Vulin visited the newly erected field hospital in Novi Pazar on Monday. The hospital was completed by the Serbian army the day before in order to assist hundreds of newly infected patients that needed to be accommodated. The Serbian army has executed the order from the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to set up field hospital. We have done everything we could so that the citizens of Novi Pazar, Sjenica, Tutin and this whole region can feel safe and can get best possible healthcare,» said Vulin. Novi Pazar was recently hit especially hard during the new wave of coronavirus that is racing through Serbia with over 300 new cases in the last seven days. Nationwide there have been 289 new cases in the last 24 hours alone. Serbia had been one of the first countries in Europe to reopen borders in June, having kept numbers low with a strict curfew at the beginning of the pandemic. «This is the first time we have faced a situation like this. An enormous number of people are ill and need healthcare. We had to somehow find a way to accommodate all these people. We were totally unprepared and without any experience because when the first wave hit we weren't affected that hard. Luckily, we realised pretty soon that we would need some kind of help, so I asked the Serbian President and Serbian defence Minister to set up this field hospital and they did it,» explained Head of the field hospital Mirsad Djerlek. There have been 16,420 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Serbia since the beginning of the outbreak. Thus far, 317 coronavirus related deaths have been recorded nationwide. Ministry of Defence of Republic of Serbia.

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