Serbia: Army deployed to guard Sid migrant centre near Croatian border

17 мая 2020 г. 15:07

Members of the Serbian military have been stationed outside the migrant camp Sid-point in the Serbian town of Sid on Sunday. A Serbian military outpost could be seen outside the migrant camp Sid- point, a day after Serbian president announced the deployment to three migrant camps in towns bordering Croatia. Guards wearing masks and with weapons appeared to be guarding the centre. The military was also deployed to secure camp Adasevcia and camp Principovac, alongside Sid-point. President Vucic's called for the urgent army deployments due to the rising number of incidents in the camps and in the town. In a statement issued on Saturday, Vucic said he ordered the deployment to protect the local population from alleged harassment and robberies linked to migrants. Citizens accused migrants on several occasions of stealing, robbing their houses and attacking people. There are around 4,000 migrants stranded in Serbia, on their way to EU countries. Around 1,500 people, reportedly coming primarily from Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, are being housed in the three camps.

Ruptly TV