Russia: Solider kills 3 comrades during training drill

30 сентября 2017 г. 14:00

SOT, Reporter (Russian): «We thought this is a normal situation, [that is, that] there are no people outside on Friday night.» SOT, Anastasia Zyryanova, Belogorsk local (Russian): “No, this is not a usual story! Normally, on Friday everyone goes everywhere. Especially during the night. I sometimes do the same, and that’s why I know. Today there are no people around.” A soldier was shot dead in a shootout with counter-terrorism forces in Russia’s Far East Friday after killing three fellow troops during a training exercise. Two soldiers and officer were fatally wounded after the solider opened fire during a routine night-time shooting exercise in the city Belogorsk in the Amur Region. He then fled the scene armed with stolen a machine gun and at least four ammunition cartridges before being hunted and shot by counter terror forces. An investigation has been launched by the Ministry of Defence into the cause of the incident. The man had reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown.

Ruptly TV