Russia: Putin speaks to young inventor at ‘Russia Focused on Future’ exhibit in Moscow

5 ноября 2017 г. 10:39

Dmitri, Inventor (Russian): «About a week and a half.» Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): «Really? Good luck.» Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the ‘Russia Focused on the Future’ Exhibition that took place in Manege Central Hall in Moscow, Saturday. During the event, an young inventor named Dmitry showed his ‘smart glove’ to the President and Patriarch Kirill of Moscow. When Putin asked him how long it took to build it, Dmitry responded «a week and a half!» The 'futurustic' exhibits on IT, science, industry, transport, medicine, environment and urban planning will be on display in Moscow’s Manege Central Exhibition Hall until November 22.

Ruptly TV