Russia: Putin confirms registration of second COVID-19 vaccine

14 октября 2020 г. 20:24

The 'Vector' state scientific centre has registered Russia's second coronavirus vaccine called 'EpiVacCorona' on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin announced during an online government meeting in Novo-Ogaryovo. According to the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policy Tatiana Golikova, the new vaccine has been tested by a hundred of volunteers, adding that the first shipment containing 60,000 doses will be ready in near future. «Unlike the first Russian vaccine Sputnik V produced on the basis of adenovirus, this new peptide vaccine is based on the perspective synthetic platform and consists of artificially synthesised elements of viral proteins, namely the peptides, through which the immune system learns how to recognise and neutralise coronavirus,» Golikova explained. She also mentioned one more upcoming coronavirus vaccine developed by the Chumakov scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, saying that the clinical studies of the third vaccine will be completed by December. «The specialists got the permission for the first and the second phases of clinical studies, which will be conducted at medical facilities in Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Kirov,» Golikova concluded. On Wednesday, Russia's coronavirus response centre confirmed more than 14,000 new infections, a record number of new cases in a day.

Ruptly TV