Russia: 'Am I alone on this panel?' Putin deploys Israeli army analogy at Energy Week Forum

5 октября 2017 г. 3:38

Russian President Vladimir Putin couldn’t resist lightening the mood with a joke after being bombarded with a tirade of questions from Bloomberg journalist and host John Fraher at the Russian Energy Week plenary session in Moscow on Wednesday. «Do you want to hear a joke about the Israeli Army? A young soldier is asked 'If you see 20 terrorists what would you do?' I'd take an UZI and shoot them. 'Good, but what if tanks were coming at you?' I'd take a rocket launcher and defend myself. 'Well, but what if you see planes, tanks and terrorists all together?' General, am I the only one in this army? So, I'd like to ask you, am I alone on this panel?» Putin said.

Ruptly TV