Portugal: Villagers furious over private landfill receiving hazardous waste from abroad

4 февраля 2020 г. 1:42

Residents in the northern Portuguese district of Sobrado put up signs in protest against a private landfill receiving waste from other European countries, as filmed on Tuesday. «The smell (is the worst). We can feel it one kilometer away, but close to the landfill, I have a daughter who lives close by. It's unbearable,» said one local resident. Portugal's environment agency estimates nearly 330,000 tons of garbage containing hazardous substances were brought to the country in 2018 from Italy, Malta, Ireland, Greece and other nations. «We found out that in Portugal the waste management fee for landfills was set at 10 euros, while in Europe the average is 80 euros. We don't have to be experts to understand that there was here a huge economic opportunity to attract the garbage to Portugal, transforming our country into a kind of dustbin of these industrial wastes said to be non-hazardous,» said Jose Manuel Ribeiro, mayor of Valongo municipality. The outcry caused by the revelations the landfill was accepting dangerous waste from abroad forced the government to announce it will look into the issue.

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