Portugal: Lisbon residents head to polls in general election

6 октября 2019 г. 20:29

Lisboans cast their ballots in the Portuguese general elections on Sunday. Current Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa, who is seeking re-election after coming to power in 2015, is the favourite, with the latest polls showing his Socialist Party (PS) at 36-39 per cent compared to opposition centre-right Social Democrats (PSD) at 25-30 per cent. Several voters said they cast their vote because it's their right and duty. «I'm expecting for none of the parties to reach a majority result,» one voter added. Another voter said he expected the election to change «nothing» and result in «the same thing of what we have now. Very little difference.» A win would ensure a Socialists' grasp on the country's 230-seat parliament, but Costa would still need to enter a coalition with a smaller left-wing party to govern.

Ruptly TV