Peru: Children stage puppet show from their window to cheer up neighbours amid lockdown

5 мая 2020 г. 10:27

Two brothers from Lima decided to put a creative spin on a «boring» coronavirus lockdown by staging a puppet show from their window to keep themselves and their neighbours entertained. Footage filmed on Monday shows the two children, aged six and 11, performing and dancing with their puppets from their fourth floor window and neighbours enjoying the show from their balconies. «The idea [of the puppet show] came up with regular playing. They were doing their usual games so they don't get bored here at home and suddenly they wanted to do it out the window. I helped them,» said the boys' mother, Denise. «We decided to play out of the window because we thought children might be bored. So we made a poster, hung it on the wall and started to present a show so that the children are not bored all day,» explained Sebastian, the older brother. «I support them in everything because I can not deprive them of something that motivates them and amuses them especially in these days when stress is high,» the mother added. Peru, one of the most affected Latin American countries, is expected to slowly ease coronavirus restrictions and reopen their economy. As of Tuesday, the country has registered 47,372 COVID-19 cases and 1,344 deaths related to the virus, according to the data compiled by John Hopkins University.

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