Pakistan: Protesters burn Trump effigy, US and Israeli flags to condemn Soleimani killing

10 января 2020 г. 1:51

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Peshawar on Friday to condemn the US killing of Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani. «I would say, we are not here for slogans but to kill you [Americans]. Each of our children feels proud after killing you. To be killed in this mission or martyred is a big honor for us,» said local Imam Nazir Hussain. Protester were seen burning US and Israeli flags as well as an effigy of US president Trump. Soleimani and Mohammed Ali Ebrahimi were killed in a US drone strike near Baghdad's airport last week, prompting retaliatory missile strikes in two US base in Iraq on Wednesday.

Ruptly TV