One-eyed support pug lends a paw to coronavirus ward staff in Mexico City

12 мая 2020 г. 23:20

A one-eyed support pug has been helping hard-pressed medical workers at a Mexico City hospital, as they deal with the stress of battling the coronavirus outbreak. Three-year-old Harley helps staffers at the 'Hospital 20 de Noviembre' prepare for the «battlefield» of the COVID ward, said neuropsychologist Lucia Ledezma, who is responsible for the dog, outside the hospital on Tuesday. «Since the beginning of the interaction, it is observed how the staff relaxes, interacts with the dog, in addition the dog enters the COVID care unit, an intervention is made by the mental health team that consists of group therapy, a technique that is called balint groups,» added Ledezma. Harley has been trained for most of his life to aid people deal with emotionally hard situations and was previously «performing individual procedures to care for patients with psychological illnesses.» «How can you not get to the hospital happy after meeting Harley in the morning? So, as you arrive more relaxed, with better spirits, then those types of interventions along with others that we have also noticed as music in the corridors, the care programs for all workers have really been good measures for us,» said oncology resident Karla Centelles. Centelles added that she believes this initiative to be a «wonderful intervention» as medical workers have to constantly live in fear of potentially contracting the coronavirus, which added to their responsibility towards their patients «is something that impacts all hospital staff and all medical centres who serve these types of patients and other patients with chronic diseases.» On Tuesday was the International Day of Care which sparked demonstrations in Germany with demands of better pay and recognition for care workers. According to the latest data compiled by John Hopkins University, Mexico reported over 36,300 coronavirus infections and 3,573 deaths with the virus.

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