Nicaragua: Eucalyptus leaves become popular ‘medicine' for COVID-19

21 мая 2020 г. 5:59

The eucalyptus trees found near the busiest streets of Managua have acquired a new value after an infusion prepared with their leaves supposedly became an effective way to treat COVID-19 for many Nicaraguans. 
 Footage from Wednesday shows street vendors climbing to the treetops to cut branches that they then offer to drivers in bunches.   
 “This doesn't cure it, but it helps to heal a little bit of the virus, the coronavirus. We urge everyone to buy this leaf because this leaf is good for phlegm, for the symptoms of COVID-19, we urge people who love their relatives to buy the leaf,» said Alan Garay, a street vendor who offers the leaves to the drivers. 
 According to local media reports, the bundle of eucalyptus leaves has a value of approximately 1.5 dollars (1.3 euros) depending on the size of the bundle.  
 According to data collected by Johns Hopkins University, as of Wednesday Nicaragua has registered 254 cases of coronavirus and 17 deaths related to the disease.

Ruptly TV