Morocco: Tensions high in Rabat protest as journalists go on trial

25 января 2018 г. 20:00

Dozens gathered outside a Rabat courthouse on Thursday, to demonstrate their solidarity with four Moroccan journalists on face trial for «distributing confidential information.» Tensions rose between police and protesters in front of the court entrance, where a crowd was gathered with banners chanting anti-government slogans. The National Syndicate of Moroccan Press had called for the protest in solidarity with the jailed journalists, and to decry freedom of press violations by the Moroccan state. Mohamed Ahaddad, a journalist for Al Massae, Abdelhaq Lachgar, of the daily newspaper Akhbar Alyaoum, as well as Kaoutar Zaki and Abdelah Sujair where charged with disclosing confidential information over an alleged corruption scandal regarding Moroccan pension funds.

Ruptly TV