Montenegro: Rally in support of DPS party draws thousands in Podgorica after election loss

7 сентября 2020 г. 2:02

Several thousand people rallied in support of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) in Podgorica, on Sunday, one week after the party lost the parliamentary elections after being in power for 31 years. Protesters held Montenegrin flags and yelled slogans such as «we are not giving up the state» and played Montenegrin folk songs. The protest was organised by self-described Montenegrin patriotic organisations after pro-Serb opposition parties took the majority in parliament in last week's elections. Rallies by opposition supporters in the wake of their last week victory angered Montenegrin nationalists by featuring the Serbian flag. The Montenegrin opposition coalition «For the Future of Montenegro» has declared its victory in the 2020 Montenegrin parliamentary elections after 100 percent of votes were counted. Together with two other coalitions, they have 41 seats out of 80 in the parliament, and will form the next government. The DPS remained the largest party in the parliament with 30 seats.

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