Libya: Derna locals suffer under siege as LNA and Islamists fight for city

10 августа 2017 г. 23:35

Local residents under siege in Derna highlighted their plight, Thursday, as the Libyan National Army (LNA) continues to block supplies to the city in a bid to weaken the Islamist militia currently in control of the north-eastern Libyan settlement. One local said that the situation had worsened with time with supplies going into the city diminishing, in particular food stuffs and medical aid; “It was getting worse day by day, if they don’t lift the siege the situation will be so dramatic and we will have a humanitarian crisis like we have never witnessed in Libya before.” Another Derna resident commented that “it’s worse than Gaza now.» In May 2014, the LNA, along with support from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, launched 'Operation Dignity', the code name for the large-scale military offensive in the Cyrenaica region. The offensive included a victory over militias in Benghazi, ahead of the ongoing Derna operation.

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