Libya: 5 wounded in shelling on Tripoli — reports

12 февраля 2020 г. 3:59

At least 5 people were wounded during shelling on the Libyan capital Tripoli on Wednesday, according to the internationally recognised Government of National Accord (GNA). Two cars appear to have borne the brunt of one shell. The exterior was puncture by shrapnel and the windows were smashed. Bloodied seats and and a blood-stained cap suggest that the passengers had sustained injuries. The shelling reportedly took place near a university. The GNA blamed militias led by Libyan National Army (LNA) commander Khalifa Haftar for the attack. They categorised it as another violation of the ceasefire brokered earlier this year. The capital has been under siege since last year, as the GNA and LNA battle it out for control of the country.

Ruptly TV