Israel: Thousands protest for and against Netanyahu amidst corruption allegations

13 августа 2017 г. 7:19

Thousands of protesters gathered outside the residence of Israeli Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit in the Israeli city of Petah Tikva, Saturday night, to protest against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amidst ongoing police investigations against the leader. The demonstration also condemned Mandelblit's alleged conduct during his questioning of Netanyahu in an ongoing corruption case, in which he is accused of receiving monetary gifts from a number of businessmen. Protesters chanted anti-corruption slogans such as «Money, government, underworld,» «The country is collapsing,» and «Both an investigator and a friend». Many held up signs reading «Bibi, you sold the silver platter,» and «Bibi resign». This marked the 38th consecutive week that protests outside the attorney general's residence have been held. Anti-Netanyahu protester Ashor claimed that there is «a lot of corruption» and «a lot of bribery» within the Israel government. “When we started here almost nobody heard about us. Slowly slowly more people came. Slowly slowly we became bigger. And we became known,» he added There were also around 350 supporters of Netanyahu and the Likud party at the protest, led by two Israeli Members of Parliament, MPs David Bitan and Nava Boker. Pro-Netanyahu protesters chanted, «Lefties go home» and criticised the mass media, accusing it of working for Hezbollah. Both groups said they will be coming again next week to protest and will stay as long as is necessary.

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