Israel: Police officers try to disperse anti-Netanyahu sit-in in Jerusalem

2 августа 2020 г. 6:50

Police officers forcibly removed some protesters from a sit-in close to the Jerusalem residence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Saturday, which resulted in several arrests. The police officers were filmed tugging on the protesters, attempting to disrupt the sit-in. Huge crowds were seen gathered close to Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence, as protests against the prime minister and his government continued. Zehava Gal, an activist and politician, said, «You know, I don't want to be too optimistic, but it seems to me that it's a start. It's the first move in order to kick him out from Balfour [Street].» Ran, a protester, said, «I think he failed. And in every normal country, whoever fails, goes home. And gives a chance to somebody else. And that's why they should go home; the whole government. It's not only Netanyahu.» Protests against Netanyahu have been taking place across the country for months as a result of corruption charges allegations and what critics perceive as his government's poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ruptly TV