Israel: Police deploy water cannons and detain several at protest in Jerusalem

26 июля 2020 г. 10:43

Police deployed water cannon to disperse protesters who had rallied outside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s resident in Jerusalem, on Saturday evening, in the latest round of anti-government demonstrations in the country. Some 5,000 protesters had gathered to demand Netanyahu’s resignation over corruption charges and his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Law enforcement officers used water cannons to clear out the area. Several protesters were seen being dragged on the ground and detained. «We have to fight together, the situation in Israel now is impossible, our government has failed miserably fighting the coronavirus, the culture industry, the tourism industry, the events industry, everything is gone,” said a protester. «When we occupy other people, when we a military regime like a kilometre from here over millions of people, then our 'crime' minister, as they call it, and all the ministers they let themselves do whatever they want to other citizens,” said another demonstrator. Several protests against Netanyahu have been taking place across the country over the prime minister's corruption charges as well as what's perceived as his government's poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ruptly TV