Israel: PM Netanyahu 'excited' about first commercial flight to UAE

31 августа 2020 г. 23:23

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a statement in Jerusalem on Monday, regarding the first-ever Israeli commercial flight to the United Arab Emirates. In his statement, PM Netanyahu accentuated the significance of the initiation of the flight between two countries. ''I am now watching you with great excitement, the landing of an Israeli plane, in daylight, in Abu Dhabi. 'Shalom,' 'Salaam' and 'Peace' are written on it; this is a start. You are now about to open the door to a different kind of peace, peace with investments, peace with tourism, peace with very many fruits of peace that will be shared here with our two peoples, and with all the peoples of the region,'' PM Netanyahu continued. ''I congratulate you, and I say to all those who stand on the other side of the door that is about to open. Peace be upon you, welcome. This is a historic day. You have no idea how excited the citizens of Israel, myself included, are over this day. We dreamed about it and worked for it, and here it is happening before our eyes. Be blessed and do great things. Greetings also to our American friends who have helped so much on this historic and momentous occasion,'' he added, following the first ever commercial flight between Israel and UAE.

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