Israel: Netanyahu warns of pandemic's 'accordion effect' during video conference

7 мая 2020 г. 20:14

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that COVID-19 restrictions may be re-imposed in case of the second wave of the pandemic. He was speaking from Tel Aviv during a video conference with world leaders on Thursday. «There is going to be an accordion effect because no one knows what will happen when we open our economies and open up our schools and especially the younger kids who can not practice any separation and will infect one another. So I think we need to be ready for an accordion effect. We've opened up and we have to be prepared to shut down again, « said Netanyahu. He took part in a video conference with leaders of Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Israel, Norway and Singapore hosted by Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. The politicians shared their experiences and ideas on managing the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

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